Motorized Thickness Micrometer

Angels Instruments Motorized Thickness Micrometer is used for rapid and accurate measurement of thickness of paper, board and plastics. This Models is compact one and measure thickness of paper, board, plastic films, rapidly and accurately. Measuring spindle with constant lowering speed (1mm/sec).The Motorized Thickness Micrometer is manufactured using the finest quality raw materials.

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Motorized Thickness Micrometer (AI - 6001 B)

    Test area :
    2 cm2

    Throat Depth :75 mm.

    Steady Pressure:1 Kg/cm2 (98.0 Kpa)

    Power Supply: 230 V - 25 W

    Measuring Range:

    0-20 mm with dial indicator resolution .01mm.

    • Paper
    • Packaging industries

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