Quadrant Scale

Angels Instruments Quadrant Scale for GSM is a simple and quick device which directly indicates the basis Weight (GSM) of paper and other sheet materials by weighing a small test sample with given dimensions. Scales are calibrated to precision dead weights. This accuracy is maintained as long as the pendulum returns to its original form and is kept free from corrosion, distortion, or other causes, which may affect its weight and balance.

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                    Quadrant Scale  (AI-1002)


    • Quadrant Scale in double graduations shows direct weight in GSM.
    • Stainless Steel Tearing template.
    • Steel Wire Basket.
    • Cast tripod base with chromium plated levelling screw.
    Range Specification:
    0-125 GSM
    Template Sizes:20X20/20X25/40X25 cm.
    Radius: 30 cm.
    0-250 GSM
    Template Sizes:10X10/20X20/20x25/40X25 cm.
    Radius: 30 cm.
    0-350 GSM
    Template Sizes:10X10/20X25/40X25 cm.
    Radius: 30 cm.
    0-500 GSM
    Template Sizes:10X10/20X20/20X25/40X25 cm. Radius: 30 cm.


    • Paper
    • Packaging industries

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