Folding Endurance Tester (Schopper Type)

Angels Instruments Folding Endurance Tester (Schopper Type) is used for Loading clamps of spring type. The Loading clamps give a standard load of 1000 gm during the test. The Schopper Folding Endurance Tester is provided with five-figure impulse counter having hold and zero setting. The Schopper Folding Endurance Tester is available at the market-leading price.For determining the folding endurance of all kinds of paper, paperboard, foils and films. The Folding Endurance Tester (Schopper Type) is manufactured using the finest quality raw materials.

»Paper Testing Instruments

Folding Endurance Tests have been used for the estimation for the suitability of the paper in use to withstand repeated bending, folding, and creasing.
Two specimen can be tested simultaneously.

Testing of Paper»0.25 mm thickness of paper.         
Specimen width »15 mm.
Specimen length» 98 mm.
Clamping length»90 mm.
Stretching force» Maximum 9.81 N and Minimum 7.55 N
Distance Between folding rolls»0.5 mm
Folding Roll Diameter»6 mm.
Working speed»120 strokes / min.
Power Supply»1 Phase, 220 V, 50 Hz.


    • Paper
    • Packaging industries
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