Digital Grammage Scale

Angels Instruments Digital Grammage Scale is used for measuring the basis weight GSM of paper and other sheet materials by weighing a small test sample with given dimensions. The GSM of the Digital Grammage Scale is displayed directly on digital Panel Meter.The Digital Grammage Scale is manufactured using the finest quality raw materials.

>> Paper Testing Instruments
          Digital Grammage Scale   AI- 1001

    Maximum 0-1500 GSM
    Accuracy: 0.1 GSM
    Push Zero adjustment.
    Dead Weight Calibration

    Suitable for different size of paper
    • 10x10 cm.
    • 10x20 cm.
    • 20x20 cm.
    • 20x25 cm.
    • 25x25 cm.
    • 25x40 cm.
    • Paper
    • Packaging industries

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