Tensile Strenght Tester "Electro-Mechanical"

Angel Instruments's Tensile Strenght Tester(Electro-Mechanical) is used for determining the tensile strength and stretch at break of the paper, board, metal foil, textile and plastics. Motorized Electro-Mechanical is a reliable and cost effective model for providing the determination of tensile strength and starch of paper, paperboard and other similar material.The Tensile Strenght Tester is manufactured using the finest quality raw materials.

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Tensile Strenght Tester(Electro-Mechanical)
( AI-7001 A)

    Load Ranges :
    0-30 Kg. Or 300 N.
                           0-60 Kg. Or 600 N.

    Load Scale graduation :0-5 Kg, 0-30 Kg.

    Elongation scale:0-100 mm and 0-50% at 180 mm.

    Power Supply: 220V, 1-Phase 50 Hz

    Adjustable clamping lengths:
    0, 10, 50, 100, 180 and 200 mm.


    • Paper
    • Packaging industries

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