Tensile Strenght Tester "Digital"

Angels Instruments Digital Tensile Strenght Tester or the Vertical Electronic Tensile Tester is used for determining the digital display of tensile strength of paper, paperboard and similar materials. The Digital Tensile Tester comes with a complete memory for retaining peak value, automatic or normal zero setting, overloads and over travel protection facilities.The Digital Tensile Strenght Tester is manufactured using the finest quality raw materials.

»Paper Testing Instruments
Digital Tensile Strenght Tester (AI-7001)

Load Ranges :
0-50 Kgf. or 500 N.
                       Also available in higher Load Capacity.

Display : Digital with peak hold.

Elongation :0-300 mm with 0.1 mm

Jaw seperation: 0 - 300 mm.

Clamping Width:
15 mm stainless steel clamp with non slip grip.

Clamping Length:
0 - 200 mm Manual / adjustable.

»Non-standard clamps / Pneumatic grips with foot switch. »Zero span jaw for fibre orientation/Bonding test.
»Finch device for wet tensile test.
»Precision test strip cutter for cutting width 15 mm.
»Calibrated check weights


    • Paper
    • Packaging industries

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