Tensile Strenght Tester "Microprocessor Based"

Angels Instruments Tensile Strenght Tester(Microprocessor Based) or Horizontal Electronic Tensile Tester (Microprocessor Based) which are of superior quality. User-friendly software guides the operators through all steps of program selection. The parameter modification and sample test is also provided to minimize to human error during test to provide rapid and efficient determination of tensile. The Tensile Strenght Tester(Microprocessor Based) is manufactured using the finest quality raw materials.

»Paper Testing Instruments
Tensile Strenght Tester(Microprocessor Based)
(AI -7001A)

Measuring Results :
Individual results of Tensile
                                Strength, Stretch, TEA,
                                Tensile Stiffness, Breaking
                                Length, Breaking time Mean Value,
                                Standard Deviation, and MD/CD Ratio
 Measuring Ranges : 
»Force: 0-500N
Stretch at break
»0 - 70% at clamping length, 100 mm.
»0-50% at clamping length, 180mm.                  

Pulling Speed :1-99 mm/min(0-04 - 4.0”/min)

Computer Output :RS 232C
                              Asynchronous without control signals

Analog output:Force Value 0 -10 V

Clamping Length:
»Selected to 100, 150, 180.
»Load Cell 0 - 200 N, 0 - 1000 N.
»Clamps 50 mm.
»Finch device for wet tensile test.
»Precision test strip cutter for cutting width 15 mm.
»Calibrated check weights.


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