Tearing Resistance Tester

Angels Instruments Tearing Resistance Tester (Elmendorf) is used for measuring the resistance against tearing of paper, board, plastic films and other similar materials. An initial cut is made in a set of test piece, which are then torn through a given distance.
The Tearing Resistance Tester (Elmendorf) is manufactured using the finest quality raw materials.

»Paper Testing Instruments
Tearing Resistance Tester ( AI-1005)

Interchangeable pendulum for different range.

  1. 0-2000 mN.(Extra Light,A4)
  2. 0-8000 mN.(Light, A)
  3. 0-16000 mN.(Medium, B)
  4. 0-32000 mN.(Heavy, C)
  5. 0-64000 mN.(Extra Heavy, D)
  6. Tearing sample cutter.
  7. Set of calibration weights.

Height »62 mm ± 0.2 mm.       
Specimen length»50 ± 2.0 mm
Manual Tearing Sample cutter For preparation of tearing test specimen

    • Paper
    • Packaging industries
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