ElectronicTearing Resistance Tester

Angels Instruments Electronic Tearing Resistance Tester is provided with standard medium ‘B' pendulum pneumatic clamping of the test pieces. Automatic calculation is done through Microprocessor and the presentation of measured value, all of which ensure accurate and stable test results. The Electronic Tearing Resistance Tester is manufactured using the finest quality raw materials.

»Paper Testing Instruments
Electronic Tearing Resistance Tester (AI - 1004)

Interchangeable pendulum for different range.

  1. 0-2000 mN.(Extra Light,A4)
  2. 0-8000 mN.(Light, A)
  3. 0-16000 mN.(Medium, B)
  4. 0-32000 mN.(Heavy, C)
  5. 0-64000 mN.(Extra Heavy, D)
  6. Tearing sample cutter.
  7. Set of calibration weights.

Height »62 mm ± 0.2 mm.       
Specimen length»50 ± 2.0 mm
»The instrument is easy to use, with an easy-to-read display.
»The results is presented as the individual Tearing Resistance, Tearing Index and Tear factor on an alpha-numeric display.

Measuring Units»mN/gram force.
Deviation = ± 1% of reading but not better than 0.25% of nominal measuring range.
Power Consumption»50 W
Power Supply»Single Phase 220 V, 50 Hz.

Option on Request

Extra Light A/4 Capacity 2000 mN.
Extra Heavy D capacity 64000 mN.
Pneumatic type sample cutter.


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