pH Meter Microprocessor Based

We are manufacturers of pH Meter Microprocessor Based India since 2005. Angels Instruments
pH Meter Microprocessor Based are widely used , with its state-of-the-art design, is specially targeted for routine pH measurement applications. Measurement of pH of any aqueous solution gives the degree of acidity or alkalinity of the solution. Mathematically pH is defined as the negative logarithm of the Hydrogen Ion concentration and pH is measured on the scale of 0 to 14 units. We specialize in both standard and customized models, we are supplying our pH Meter Microprocessor Based in India , catering to a variety of customers ranging from Research Laboratories, Educational Institutes and various R&D laboratories of leading national and multinational companies.The pH Meter Microprocessor Based is manufactured using the finest quality raw materials.

»Pharma Laboratory Instruments
pH Meter Microprocessor Based ( AI-2005)
»pH Meter is capable of calibrating up to 2 points using USA or NIST pH standard buffer. Press CAL key to enter calibration mode and immerse pH electrode into indicated calibration solution, press ENTER key and meter is automatically calibrated.

    »pH Range 0.00 to 14.00 pH
    »pH Resolution ±0.01 pH
    »pH Accuracy ±0.01 pH
    »Dimensions – mm 210 (L) x 205 (W) x 65 (H)

    »Power Supply: 230V, 15A, 50 Hz


    • Purification of drinking water.
    • Manufacturing of sugar, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
    • Effluent treatment plants.
    • Dyes and chemicals.

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